Are You SOUL-cially Networking ?

Tired of checking over 10+ different social networks daily to keep up with your friends,family, co-workers and or competitors ? Than you need to start "SOUL-cially Networking" ! iamSOULcial is your digital key app to unlocking your stress, anxiety and sense of dependency to constantly checking your online profiles ! Still in denial ? Try our free trial app for yourself & watch & see instantly yourself regain power & control over your online existence !

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"Soulcially Networking" puts you back in the driver's seat on the internet highway.

@iamSOULcial we're dedicated to offering lifelong solutions to everyday problems. As a society we've engulfed ourselves in technology and now it is time to organize, prioritize and satisfy our basic needs.

What are our basic needs you ask ? First to be safe, iamSOULcial offers an option where you can pay to have your online presence encrypted from pesky third party affilitates and or other spam softwares. Second, to be organized, no longer will you have the need to flip through over 10+ social networks everyday, with iamSOULcial, all of your networks are under one roof and you can upload simultaneously to all or pick and choose straight from the app. Third, a need to be rewarded with "SOULcial Karma Points".Instead of putting the ball in your followers hands, iamSOULcial rewards and tracks and showcases YOUR KARMIC SCORE for taking the initiative of sharing, liking and retweeting online.Lastly, iamSOULcial is your personal admin station not only for your social networks but for any and all other apps or functions (email, phone etc..) that you may need or use throughout the day, presented in a tailored made in any choice of color and theme you may like, with fun daily reminders and surprises suchas personal quotes, astrological reading or favourite tune! @iamSOULcial we've thrive on making your online presence as personal and as efficiently useful and rewarding as possible !


Cups of Green Tea consumed


Major Sponsors were obtained


Hours spent networking idea


Years of completly being immersed in Social Networking

Never be a slave to your smartphone again!
One click upload to any & all social networks,customized admin homepage & much, much more..

SOUL-cial Status

All your social networks in one centralized location with built in tailored admin homepage based on astrological, colour & personality test results from signup iamSOULcial character test

SOUL-cial Security

Personal Profile SSL protection, agaisnt Third party applications, hackers & profit driven social networks

SOUL-cial Work

Don't just survive social media, thrive & get paid to promote, share & boost your favourite companies profiles !

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That you can't find out on Twitter or Facebook..


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SOULcial Status

SOULcial Butterfly For an easy start

no charge
  • 1 users
  • 5 Gb disk space
  • 1 Tb bandwidth
  • No support

SOUL-cially Conscious For a step in the right direction

per month
  • 5 users
  • 100 Gb disk space
  • 5 Tb bandwidth
  • Standard support

SOUL-cially Active For the true innovators & gamechangers

per month
  • Unlimited users
  • 100 Tb disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Premium support
* All plans are upgradeable or downgradable at anytime, no hidden fees no additional committments.

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